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Seizure of indigenous land, 1776-1887


Seizure of indigenous land, 1776-1887

Listen to the new episode of my podcast! It’s pretty good! I love you!Aaron and Shawn explore our growing dependency on social media in light of the rise of the smartphone, the neurochemistry of compulsive behaviors, and their own detrimental habits.

Listen to the new episode of my podcast! It’s pretty good! I love you!

Aaron and Shawn explore our growing dependency on social media in light of the rise of the smartphone, the neurochemistry of compulsive behaviors, and their own detrimental habits.

This is a fairy tale:

There was once a political party on the left that feared the unfair framing of their opponents. And so they tried so hard to not fulfill the prophecy of their opponents by doing the dance that their opponents demanded.

In the end of the fairy tale it is futile because the bad narrative stuck for specific voting demographics with or without evidence. The party just watered themselves down for no reason and lost every important election because they made their base utterly dispassionate.

The End.

The Scourge of the Millennial, Pt 1: Let’s Generalize!

Ephebiphobia is defined as the irrational, exaggerated fears surrounding the youth by older generations at any given time.

Millennials, or Generation Y is (roughly) anyone born between the late 1970’s and the early 2000’s. Since they are the current youth generation, they are the current magnets for condescending “back in my day…” criticism. Ephebiphobia. These generational critiques rely on falsely equating the babies born when the original Star Wars film was released all the way back in 1977 and the babies born when the Star Wars Prequel was released in 1999. Considering the rapid evolution of technology in that period, we can safely say that these two groups of babies will generally have wildly different cultural fixations, neuroses, and mindsets. I find it easy to disregard such vague and incendiary critiques as shameless social media click bait targeting the very millennials they disparage for ad revenue, but I do not want to write them off entirely.

I see this bullshit as the fertile soil of an important discussion.

Critics of Generation Y claim that the youth are entitled narcissists, obsessed with social media, and have unrealistic ideas about their own future and spectacular self-worth.  Gen Y is characterized as immature navel-gazing cretins convinced by media culture and fawning parents that they are so special that the world is going to be handed to them based on their inherent merit. Millennials don’t work hard enough, they are adverse to challenging themselves, and they all see themselves as the stars of their own fictional reality TV shows. Their facebook friends, in their addled minds, are their adoring fans.

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drew this li’l gem for SA years ago.

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Yeah. I said it.

May 24, 2012. Victoria and Grant.

An earthquake hit the maternity hospital today. Three were killed, but six were born.

- this is a beautiful, perfect, immaculate joke.
bless you, george carlin.

You too, can create new words. You Should.

Greetings friends,

I am here today with a simple message. I am going to tell you what is bull shit and what is not bull shit. Right now.

Something that is bull shit is when people insist on the rigidity of the english language. We can see this in the form of grammar police or those who react in disgust at every new wave of neologisms from internet culture. Looking at language this way is super bull shit. Language is a fluctuating and evolving base of symbols that represent objects, states, or ideas. A dictionary is not a prescriptive account of language. It’s an attempt at describing the way that people speak and communicate. It is useful to be able to define your terms during a discussion, but there is also a need for our vocabularies to evolve.

What is not bull shit is deciding to try to create words with the intention of providing a better or more interesting vocabulary for others to play with. There is great gains to be made. The greatest poems of the future could be written with words that you consciously create now. It’s not a certainty, but it’s not something that we should go without doing.

Sometimes, when I suggest a new word, I receive the feedback that language does not work that way, or that I should otherwise not try to create words. Simply, I do not agree with this idea, and I do not feel that anyone should seek to convince others to not create words. Stop trying to universalize your axioms, bro.

Shakespeare invented a bunch of new words. That is some pop trivia right there. So why can’t I shakespeare some more words for myself? I want to take credit for the word “shakespeare” as a word that means “to create a new word.” I know my usage ‘shakespeares some more words’ introduces a redundancy like ‘ATM machine’ does, but I find that charming.

Do not listen to the doubters would would tell you otherwise,

Please go shakespeare.


Jan 8

597 (new slang term for the kids)

A new word to help us casually articulate the world.

The affected manner of speech associated with rising in hierarchy.

"I’ve been practicing my 597 before I go talk to the landlord"

"It makes me sick to see you drop that 597 shit in front of your boss. Why can’t you just tell him how you feel?"